About Macrolens

Macrolens provides macroeconomic strategy and market insight to institutional investors including asset managers, hedge funds, family offices and pension funds.

We apply a classical approach to global macro investing, with a focus on monetary dynamics and the interplay between the U.S. and China.

Engage with us for global macro guidance, real-time value-added market strategy, and in-depth analysis of Chinese economic and political trends.




Brian McCarthy, Chief Strategist

From 2011-2018 Brian served as Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Emerging Sovereign Group where he managed the Nexus Fund, a China-focused macro hedge fund.  Brian is a regular traveler to China where he has met with hundreds of individuals in all walks of financial life: local and national government officials, economists, entrepreneurs, real-estate speculators and developers, and operators in the official, “shadow,” and “underground” banking sectors. The experience has left him with a bearish bent towards financial risks in China.

Brian also has experience in asset management (as a fixed income strategist at Alliance Capital and a fixed income Portfolio Manager at AIG) as well as in sales and trading, having held senior positions in FX sales at Barclays, UBS and RBS.